Lumi Labs

Lumi Labs is an early-stage technology studio founded by Marissa Mayer and Enrique Muñoz Torres, based in downtown Palo Alto. We are focused on building consumer applications enabled by artificial intelligence. If you are interested in joining us in developing some projects and prototypes, we're hiring.

We're hiring!

Join us!

Right now, we're looking for full stack and machine learning software engineers who could be based out of our downtown Palo Alto, California office. We are not prescriptive about preferred languages or technologies, as long as you feel comfortable prototyping end-to-end applications. If working in a fast-paced environment where you will play a key role both in ideation and in implementation sounds interesting to you, please apply to work with us.

If you don't fit that profile but you're interested in working with us, please shoot us a note too. Even if now is not the right time, we'd love to stay in touch!

About us

Marissa Mayer

Co-founder, Lumi Labs

Previously CEO of Yahoo and an early employee at Google. Degrees from Stanford in Symbolic Systems and Computer Science with a focus on artificial intelligence.

Enrique Muñoz Torres

Co-founder, Lumi Labs

Previously SVP of Search and Advertising at Yahoo and Product Manager at Google. Degree from MIT in Computer Science and Engineering.