Team at

Lumi Labs

Our people make all the difference

Marissa and Enrique founded Lumi Labs in spring 2018. Since then we’ve grown to 15 (and maybe a few more by the time you read this). Interested in joining us? Here are a few things that are important to know about Lumi Labs.

We think big

We’re a small team but we’re building tools that can matter to people all over the world.

We welcome difficulty

AI can be transformational, but it hasn’t yet been applied to many everyday tasks. We’re tackling incredibly interesting technology problems and solving them won’t be easy. We’re up for the challenge.

We like each other

We believe in group lunches, evening trivia contests, homemade ice cream (with flavors chosen by vote!), and Aloha Fridays.

We live our mission

Lumi Labs technology helps people get away from their screens, spending time on what they find valuable and inspiring, and we make sure our own lives reflect that aspiration.

We demand excellence

Our hardworking team includes graduates of MIT, Stanford, Brown, and Williams, and alumni of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, and Foursquare.

We embrace diversity

Team Lumi is ethnically varied and nearly half of us are women. Our diversity is our strength and we intend to stay that way.


Marissa Mayer

Previously CEO of Yahoo and an early employee at Google. Degrees from Stanford in Symbolic Systems and Computer Science with a focus on artificial intelligence.

Enrique Muñoz Torres

Previously SVP of Search and Advertising at Yahoo and Product Manager at Google. Degree from MIT in Computer Science and Engineering.